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Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS

One of the 12 Nippon Professional Baseball teams, and the only team of the Kyushu area. Based in Fukuoka, its home ground is the FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME. Consisting of two leagues with 6 teams each, the Hawks are a member of the Pacific League and are the current champions of Japan. An 19-time league champion, they have also won 7 times at the Nippon Series.

Enjoy Watching Baseball!

At YAHUOKU! DOME, you can see a lot of HAWKS fans in team uniforms and T-shirts of their favorite baseball player cheering on the team. The dances by the HAWK family (mascots) and Honeys (cheerleaders) will add excitement to the entire stadium[photo1]. After the top of the 7th inning, it's time to sing the team song and release thousands of yellow balloons together with other fans[photo2]. You can also enjoy "the victory fireworks" display on the day that the HAWKS wins[photo3]. The below frames introduce courtesy and rules needed to enjoy a live baseball game. Please use this for reference.

Various Ways to Enjoy YAHUOKU! DOME



How to purchase tickets

Tickets at the door are sold at the ticket desk located in GATE 7 of the YAHUOKU! DOME. Fees vary according to days and seat category. It is necessary to purchase a ticket for children aged 4 years or older. Payment by cash (in Japanese yen) and credit cards are accepted. Advance tickets are sold at ticket agency, on the internet and at convenience stores.



Recommended Photo Spots

The stadium, which was built based on Ancient Rome's Colosseum, has Japan's first ever retractable roof. The baseball ground with international standards is one of the largest in Japan, and it has the world's largest 5 screens and the latest sound and lighting facilities, which are suitable for music concerts for big artists around the world as well as sporting events.

OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum

OH Sadaharu is a former baseball player, who holds the world record with 868 homeruns. He also became the first coach of Japan's national team to win the World Baseball Classic Championships in 2006. (Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS) OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum is 2,150 meters square; one of the largest facilities of its kind in Japan. Here people of all ages will be able to feel the excitement and fascination of baseball, with such features as Homerun Theater showing the footage of the moment when OH made his 756th career home run.

OH sadaharu Baseball Museum

OH sadaharu Baseball Museum




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