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Who are the Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS?

They are one of the 12 professional baseball teams in Japan and the only ball club in the Kyushu region. Based in Fukuoka, they call the MIZUHO PayPay Dome FUKUOKA its home ground, and they belong to the Pacific League, out of the 2 leagues that comprise 6 teams each. The Hawks were the 2020 Champions of the Japan Series for the 11 times, and they also won the League championship 21 times. Take this opportunity to start rooting for them!

MIZUHO PayPay Dome game schedule

day vs game start
3(Sun) 2008989 13:00
5(Tue) 2006001 18:00
6(Wed) 2006001 18:00
13(Wed) 1947001 18:00
14(Thu) 1947001 18:00
15(Fri) 2008001 18:00
16(Sat) 2008001 14:00
17(Sun) 2008001 13:00
19(Tue) 1961001 18:00
20(Wed) 1961001 13:00
22(Fri) 1968001 18:00
23(Sat) 1968001 13:00

Rules for Watching a Game

MIZUHO PayPay Dome FUKUOKA has stadium terms and conditions, plus rules for cheering, to ensure that all spectators can watch games safely in a respectful environment. Please read these terms before watching a game at the Dome. We thank you for your cooperation in upholding etiquette and standards of behavior.

◎How to Enter the Stadium

At the designated stadium gate, scan the barcode on your ticket on the barcode reader to enter the stadium. You may not enter if you do not have a ticket. Tickets with a detached barcode will not be valid.
In order to prevent crimes and accidents, headgear that hides your face is not allowed. For hygiene reasons, all animals, with the exception of assistance dogs, cannot be brought in the stadium.
*The wearing of masks when cheering is at the discretion of the customer.
The wearing of masks by employees is also at the discretion of the individual.

◎Regarding Carry-in Food and Beverages

For hygiene and safety reasons, bringing in food and beverages, including bottles and cans is not allowed at MIZUHO PayPay Dome. At MIZUHO PayPay Dome, we check the contents of your bags and belongings in order to prevent dangerous items as well as food and beverages from entering the stadium.
*To help counter the heat, you can bring in the following:
(1) A plastic bottle or paper carton (up to 750 ml, one per person)
(2) A water bottle or tumbler (up to 2 liters)
You may bring in both (1) and (2).
* Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought in
* If you bring allergy-friendly food, baby food, etc., please inform the staff when your belongings are being inspected.
* You can bring in items that are wrapped and can be identified as souvenirs (famous Hakata snacks, etc.), but eating them inside the stadium is strictly prohibited.

◎Regarding Large luggage (including strollers and suitcases)

Please do not bring in large luggage such as strollers and travel cases to the stadium as they may obstruct the evacuation route in the event of an emergency and cause inconvenience to other customers. Also, please do not take your seat with any luggage as it may cause trouble. Guns, swords, explosives, fireworks, firecrackers, drugs, poisonous substances, or other dangerous items cannot be carried inside the stadium. You are also not allowed to enter the stadium while under the influence of a prohibited substance.

◎How to Re-enter the Stadium

To temporarily exit the stadium, please come to the dedicated exit/re-entry doors located at each gate.
For re-entry, please come to the dedicated re-entry doors located at Gates 2, 4, 6, and 8 with a valid baseball game ticket, and re-entry ticket that you receive when you exit temporarily.
* Re-entry from Gates 1, 3, 5, and 7 is not permitted.

◎How to Access the Smoking Area

Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas outside Gates 1, 2, 3, 6, and 8. Smoking is not allowed inside the stadium. The smoking area is not accessible from the stadium concourse. Please follow the guidance and use the re-entry gate.

◎Watch Out for Foul Balls and Broken Bats

Batting practice for both teams can be dangerous, as well as batting during the game, if a foul ball or broken bat flies into the stands.
Please beware of this risk.

◎Regarding Jet Balloons

The only jet balloons that can be used are the newly specified jet balloons that will be sold and distributed inside MIZUHO PayPay Dome.
Please follow the rules below when using jet balloons:
■Be sure to use the designated pump to inflate the jet balloons
■Do not pour liquids into the balloons
■Do not write or draw on the balloons
■Release the balloons at the same time as everyone else, and only at the designated moments (at the middle of the 7th inning and at the end of a game when the Hawks win)

◎Regarding the Rules for Cheering

(1) Standing up to cheer when the ball is in play (after the pitcher has started the pitching motion) is not permitted unless you are seated in one of the sections: a) Hawks Cheering Section Reserved Seats, b) Visitor Team Cheering Section Reserved Seats, c) Outfield Reserved Seats, or d) Outfield Non-reserved Seats
(2) When standing up while the ball is not in play, please be considerate to the fans around you. There may be times when a stadium staff may ask you to sit down even if the ball is not in play.
(3) Standing up on a seat and cheering is strictly prohibited.
(4) At MIZUHO PayPay Dome, cheering areas for the Hawks and visiting team are set up in parts of the outfield seats. Special rules apply to fans seated in those areas. In each respective area, cheering for the opposing team, bringing in cheering goods for another team (not the team applicable to the cheering section), watching the game in clothing that identifies you as a fan of another team, and walking through the area are prohibited.

◎Cheering Implements (banners, flags and signs)

The rules below must be followed when using a sign, banner, or flag for cheering.
■ Use at your seat. Do not disturb other customers.
■ Content must support the team. (No advertisements or slander)
■ The material should not emit or reflect light.
■ A flag can have only one pole.
■ The implement must not disturb the game.

◎Other Rules

Please note that the "Provisions of the Game Watching Contract" and "Rules on Permission for Special Cheering"(https://www.softbankhawks.co.jp/stadium/guide/contract.html) apply when watching a game at the stadium, and we ask that you please comply with it.
* The information can be switched to English on the page.


Street address

2-2-2, Jigyohama, Fukuoka Shi Chuo Ku, Fukuoka Ken, 810-0065, Japan

Take the subway to MIZUHO PayPay Dome

Note: Get off at Tojinmachi Subway Station, get out from Exit 3, and walk for about 15 min. The subway trains between Tojinmachi and Tenjin Stations operate every 3 to 8 minutes.

【Inquiries for Fukuoka City Subway Timetables, Fares, and Service Status】
Subway Customer Service Center: Phone 092-734-7800(8:00-20:00, all year round)

Take a bus to MIZUHO PayPay Dome

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