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Who are the Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS?

They are one of the 12 professional baseball teams in Japan and the only ball club in the Kyushu region. Based in Fukuoka, they call the Fukuoka YAHUOKU! DOME its home ground, and they belong to the Pacific League, out of the 2 leagues that comprise 6 teams each. The Hawks were the 2017 Champions of the Japan Series for the 8th time, and they also won the League championship 20 times. Take this opportunity to start rooting for them!

Various Ways to Enjoy YAHUOKU! DOME




The Fukuoka YAHUOKU! DOME is based on ancient Rome's Colosseum, has Japan's first retractable roof. The baseball field meets international standards, and the stadium boasts one of the world's largest HD displays that consist of 5 massive screens and the latest sound and lighting equipment. It is a theater-style entertainment space where, in addition to sports, exhibitions, and other events, famous artists from all over the world hold concerts.



Tours of the baseball facilities are conducted regularly. Getting to visit the backstage that is usually inaccessible will no doubt make you feel as though you have become a professional baseball player! The fee includes admission for both the YAHUOKU! DOME Tour and the OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum.

■Reception: OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum
■Tour Fees: Adults 16 years & over: 1,500 yen / Children 10-15 years: 800 yen / Children 9 years & under: 500 yen / Children 3 years & under: free when accompanied by their guardians
■Tour Schedule: 10:00-16:00 (Departs at the top of every hour)
Note: Subject to change depending on events and ball games.

How to Purchase Tickets

Same-day tickets are sold at the Same-day Ticket Counter at YAKUOKU! DOME's Gate 7. Fees change according to the date and seat category. Tickets are required for all spectators ages 4 and above. Payments can be made in Japanese yen or by credit card. Advance-sale tickets can be purchased at ticket agencies, on the internet, and at convenience stores.

Rules for Watching a Game

The "Terms and Conditions to Watch a Baseball Game" and "YAHUOKU! DOME Cheering Rules" are in place so that all spectators can watch games in safety and with peace of mind. Please read these terms when coming to watch a game at the Dome. We thank you for your cooperation in keeping good etiquette and observing ethical principles.

◎How to Enter the Stadium

Pass the barcode on your valid ticket over the barcode reader at your designated stadium gate and enter the stands. You will be denied entry if you do not have your ticket with you. Your ticket will become invalid if the barcode is separated. Masks that conceal the face are prohibited, to prevent crimes and accidents. For sanitary reasons, all animals aside from assistant dogs cannot be brought into the stadium.

◎How to Access the Smoking Areas

Smoking is limited to under the awnings outside Gates 2, 4, 6, and 8. Smoking is prohibited inside the Dome. The designated smoking areas are not accessible from the concourses; follow the directions to re-enter the stadium and use the exclusive re-entry gate.

◎How to Re-enter the Stadium

To leave and re-enter the Dome, take your valid ticket to the designated gate and receive a re-entry ticket. When re-entering, take your valid ticket and your re-entry ticket to the exclusive re-entry gates, which are installed at Gates 1 to 6 and 8.

◎Regarding Carry-in Food and Beverages

YAHUOKU! DOME does not allow spectators to carry food and beverages into the stadium, including bottles and cans, due to sanitary and safety reasons. If you have bottled/canned beverages that you wish to take inside, please go to the Beverage Transfer Areas outside Gates 2, 4, 6, and 8 and transfer your beverages into the provided paper cups. Please note that we do not provide storage services for your bottled/canned beverages or coolers.

◎Regarding Large Luggage (including baby strollers/prams)

We request spectators to refrain from carrying into the stands large luggage, including baby strollers/prams, as this can obstruct evacuation routes in emergencies as well as inconvenience other fans. In addition, please do not save seats with your luggage, as this can cause problems.

◎Beware of Foul Balls and Broken Bats

Pre-game warm-ups for both teams as well as batting during the game can be very dangerous, as foul balls and broken bats can come flying into the stands. Please beware of these risks.

◎Regarding the Rules for Cheering

When the ball is in play (when the pitcher is about to pitch and onward), spectators are not permitted to stand up unless they are in the Hawks Cheering Squad Designated Seats, Visitors Cheering Squad Designated Seats, Outfield Reserved Seats, or Outfield Non-reserved Seats. If you are sitting in these specified seats and would like to stand up to cheer for your team, please show adequate consideration for your neighbors. If stadium attendants request you to sit down, please follow their instructions. Please do not stand on top of your seats.

◎Regarding Jet Balloons

Please follow the rules below when using jet balloons:
■Do not pour liquids into the balloons
■Do not write or draw on the balloons
■Release the balloons at the same time as everyone else, and only at the designated moments (at the middle of the 7th inning and at the end of a game when the Hawks win)

OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum

OH Sadaharu has enjoyed a brilliant career; he holds the world record at 868 home runs as a professional ballplayer, led the Japanese national team to victory in the inaugural World Baseball Classic in 2006 as its first manager, and now serves as the Chairman of the Board of Fukuoka SoftBank HAWKS. The OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum is one of the largest in Japan, with an area size of 2150 ㎡. Visitors of all ages can experience the fun and excitement of baseball here; for example, the Home Run Theater shows the footage of the moment that the then world record was broken with OH's 756th career home run.

The museum comprises three zones: The Historical Zone is a record of the life of slugger OH Sadaharu, the Records Zone documents his countless achievements and their backstories, and 89 Studio lets visitors try their hand at baseball.

OH sadaharu Baseball Museum

OH Sadaharu Baseball Museum iPhone App

Use the iPhone app for more detailed information on how to enjoy this facility!
In addition to maps, images, and texts, the app also offers audio guides.
Note: Available in the App Store

OH sadaharu Baseball Museum

■Open 10:00-17:00 (admission until 30 minutes before closing) 
■Closed on Mondays (subject to change depending on events and ball games)
■Admissions: 1,000 yen for 16 years & over, 400 yen for 15 years & under
(free for children 8 years & under when accompanied by their guardians)



Take the subway to YAHUOKU! DOME

Note: Get off at Tojinmachi Subway Station, get out from Exit 3, and walk for about 15 min. The subway trains between Tojinmachi and Tenjin Stations operate every 3 to 8 minutes.

【Inquiries for Fukuoka City Subway Timetables, Fares, and Service Status】
Subway Customer Service Center: Phone 092-734-7800(8:00-20:00, all year round)

Take a bus to YAHUOKU! DOME